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Commission: Sailor Eos(sketch) by Rachel8889

Honestly there isn't very much to criticize,the anatomy is near perfect,and is generally fabulous.Only two things I suggest be fixed.On...

Serena in Ribbon Rhasody Power Older Vrsn by artboy-2

Well this is a very great piece first of all.The perspective is amazing and the effects are stunning.My only critique is the face and t...

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I'm stubborn,weird,and down right proud of it!I love tattoos and now have two but I'm not telling where.I love to get piercing.I also love to try new hairstyles and colors.Most of my art is sketches and WIPS that rarely ever get finished.


About time haha.  I'm probably gonna get them uploaded tonight, I'll try.
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I seriously need to get back into art and the DA community in general.  I feel like I keep fading further and further away from the community and I don't want that.

I'm thinking about entering some secret santa stuff so if you can, would you recommend me some groups currently doing that and I'll look into it.

Also, I will try and finish those sketch requests.
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Neo Senshi Uniform by SenshiOfMyth
Neo Senshi Uniform
I got inspired today and decided to create my own versions of the Inner Senshi's children.  Their fuku's are based off of their parents "Inner Senshi and Shitennou) and the "original" costumes Naoko had created.

Mercury: She has her father's hair color and mother's eye color.  Her hairstyle and face were both inspired by Twiggy.  She is very skinny and lanky, also, very short, the shortest of the Neo Inners, 5'0".  She is still shy like her mother, but when with peop;le she's close to is much more silly and loud, sometimes even a little obnoxious to onlookers. Her powers don't originate with mist but instead with frost.  Her everyday dress is very simple for a princess, with a simple sleeveless sweater and skinny jeans, or even simpler with a light blue dress and sandals.  Her voice is very high and sarcastic like her fathers.
Face Claim:……

Mars: She has her mothers hair color and her fathers eye color.  Her hair is wavy but fine textured.  She is skinny but not as skinny as Mercury.  She is 5'5".  She is reserved like both her parents but does have a temper and refuses to settle for less.  She is more alike to Sailor Mars in the 90s than in the manga or modern anime.  Her powers are more "controlled" than her mothers.  Her everyday dress is a black top and some skinnies. sometimes with high heels and a leather jacket.  She stays with fashion but instead a fashionista herself.  Her voice is deep but still feminine.
Face Claim:……

Jupiter:  She has her mothers eye color and her fathers hair color.  Her hair is wavy and massively thick.  Her hair is kept in a high ponytail with it brushed over both her shoulders.  She is 5'10".  She is very reserved because she is going through her awkward stage.  But when she is with people she's close to she is very loud, bright, even a tad obnoxious as well. She is the loudest burper in the group haha.  She's also naturally muscular but not as muscular as her mother.  Her powers deal more with flowers (somewhat symbolic of her desire to be more feminine since she is as good of a cook as her mother and can't dance at all and she has a more square face than the others).  Her typical outfit is a hoodie, some jeans and some flats but when at a party or ball she wears very flowy, elaborate dresses.  She is embarrassed of her body but ironically has the most "appealing" body out of the group.  She also has to wear glasses.  Her voice isn't deep but it does sound like a fifteen year old boy whose voice is changing.  She also has really deep cheek dimples.
Face Claim:……
Hair (minus bangs):…

Venus:  She has her mothers eyes but her hair is a very ashy, silver blonde.  Her hair is thick but straight and brushed on one side and is tied in the middle by a jeweled band.  She is 5'4".  She is somehwat chubby but not too badly.  She is the only one who isn't reserved.  She's loud, brash and brutally honest.  She takes on more after her father in lots of ways.  It also takes a special person to make her laugh.  Her powers deal a lot with metal rather than the energy of love.  Her typical outfit is a sundress and flats.  She loves to dress on th more vintage side of fashion and is a full on fashionista.  Her voice is very feminine and pretty.  She has a very intense stare that sometimes can scare people.  She also has a beauty mark under one of her eyes.  She's also a huge fan of red lipstick.
Face Claim:……
Hair Color:…

Super long descriptions haha.  Well, I'm sorry I haven't been active.  I'm trying haha.  I'm gonna try and do some finished artwork and finish up my sketch requests.
About time haha.  I'm probably gonna get them uploaded tonight, I'll try.
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