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Commission: Sailor Eos(sketch) by Rachel8889

Honestly there isn't very much to criticize,the anatomy is near perfect,and is generally fabulous.Only two things I suggest be fixed.On...

Serena in Ribbon Rhasody Power Older Vrsn by artboy-2

Well this is a very great piece first of all.The perspective is amazing and the effects are stunning.My only critique is the face and t...

Newest Deviations

I'm stubborn,weird,and down right proud of it!I love tattoos and now have two but I'm not telling where.I love to get piercing.I also love to try new hairstyles and colors.Most of my art is sketches and WIPS that rarely ever get finished.


Event 1 An Unknown Face by SenshiOfMyth
Event 1 An Unknown Face
Colored part of my collaboration with :iconmaiyuna: for event one of the :iconcrystalanimamates: group
She did the lineart and I did the coloring
Sailor Red Opal Devil and Sailor Sinhalite Lioness

I had so much fun doing this collab
I literally finished this like two days ago but I'm a lazy and didn't upload it til' now.
Maiyuna is for real so great at creating character, Sinhalite Lioness is so cool, love her.


"Finally, it's midday" Amitola loudly sighs to herself.  Midday is her favorite time of day because she can go home and do what she does best, read, cook, fix her hair, and all around laze about.

  Tolli says her goodbyes and walks to her truck, having to practically jump to get into the seat.  She starts her engine and goes on her merry little way.  Today's work day was quite hard for Tolli , but she couldn't place why, she was so distracted.  'I can't take any chances today" Tolli whispers, so she takes the shortest route home.

  Tolli pulls into the driveway, parks her car and almost instantly, crashes on her small leather couch.  She lay on the couch, one heel off, one heel slightly attached, her makeup smearing all over the cushions.  Tolli's dreams were usually so boring she forgot them minutes after waking up but the mood this time, it was strange, unrecognizable to dreams prior.  The mood was, new and old at the same time, cold and warm, but 100% welcoming.

  BAM, Tolli finds herself alone in an enormous room with statuesque walls, gemstone columns.  Colors appeared that she had no idea existed, everything of the room glittered.  Tolli notices a crest, a strange symbol on one of the many heavenly walls. Three distinct voices call for Tolli.

  "It is time, my child," The three voices whispered as one, "It is time to fulfill your destiny!"
  The crest Tolli noticed earlier begins to glow in a soft but dominant light, practically blinding Tolli for a while.  Silence fell, and the room is different.  This room is smaller, and almost plain, but just as beautiful.  "Might as well look around a bit" Tolli exclaims.

  Tolli notices a breeze that wasn't their prior, looking down she is shocked to discover she looks like one of those Sailor Moon wannabes.  Walking further she looks upon and sees another young woman, dressed the same as Tolli, with a different coloration.  "Might as well introduce myself, since she sees me" Tolli thinks.  She places her hands on her hips, purses her red lips and says "Hi".  The girls replies the same and introduces herself as Arisha.  "Amitola." Tolli answers. Huffing in a tired way "So...what is this place?" "I'm not sure - I just came from another room with columns. Someone...or, some people, spoke to me." Arisha responded.  "Same" Tolli replies with a giggle.

  After a moment their gazes fell onto the narrow, almost invisible, door. With a glance at one another, they made their way towards it.

  Upon reaching the door, it slowly opens to reveal a blinding white light, making it impossible to see what was on the other side. The two women pass weary expressions.

  "No tellin' what's beyond that door" Tolli barely whispers to herself.
"I'm sure it can't any worse than what we've just experienced." Arisha replied with a small shrug. "And even if it is, I'm glad I'm not alone in this - I might have started to question my sanity; though, that's still up for debate at this point."

Amitola chuckled despite herself. "Then we'll be insane together." She joked, gesturing towards the door. "Shall we?"

"Might as well." Arisha replies. "If I don't see you on the other side, it was nice to have a friend in all of this - even if it was just for a short time."
"Likewise" Tolli says. "I hope I get to see her again, she looks kind of like a supermodel and she has a mothers presence" Tolli thinks to herself.

  The two women step through the door, with the door shutting behind them.

Quick Sailor Fire Opal Devil Sketch by SenshiOfMyth
Quick Sailor Fire Opal Devil Sketch
A quick sketch of Fire Opal using one of her attacks.  I'm probably just gonna call it it Flaming Opalescence, pretty basic.

I don't want to submit this to the group because this sketch is so rough T.T
Sailor Fire Opal Devil by SenshiOfMyth
Sailor Fire Opal Devil
So Cheddi :iconicheddar: convinced me to (although honestly it wasn't very hard haha) to join :iconcrystalanimamates:
So here is my senshi, Sailor Fire Opal Devil (Tasmanian Devil)

NAME: Amitola Lomasi Beaulieu (Rainbow, Pretty Flower, Beautiful Place) Her friends call her Tolli
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 5'6"
INTERESTS: Black n' White Films, baking, elderly people, animals, challenges, fashion.
DISINTERESTS: Easiness, men and women who are controlling, night clubs 9she's more of a day cafe kind of girl)
SEXULAITY: Pansexual but leans more towards men who identify as men.
STYLE O' FIGHTING: Very rough and ferocious like the animal she gets her name from.  She will take a few seconds to plan a strategy and that's it, after that she just goes in, usually forgetting her own strategy in the heat (no pun intended)
 During high school, because of her love of challenging herself, she only enrolled in honors classes and thus she is now a very, very clever adult.  She much enjoys the company of the elderly as she enjoys learning of how life used to be, without actually waning to revisit the period.  In terms of dating, she is pretty open, but does not have sex on the first date and doesn't enjoy the bar scene.  She prefers to date guys either younger or older, just personal preference.  She has dated women and trans people before but the relationships are few and far between.
 Tolli's father is a French man who came to America to further his education, and on the job met a beautiful Native American woman, Tolli's mother.  The two wed and had 4 sons and one daughter, which is why Tolli seeks to be as smart, different and feminine as she can be, so she won't be mixed up with her brothers.  Tolli loves her family greatly and lives quite close to them.
Sailor Silver Star by SenshiOfMyth
Sailor Silver Star
Sailor Silver Star is a fan Sailor Moon character created by :iconsailorsilverstar:
I saw this drawing she did So You Wanna Play With Magic... by sailorsilverstar
and it inspired me to draw "Princess Sailor Silver Star"
I started this a few months ago but sadly, as I was almost finished with it, the power blacked out (thunderstorm) and sadly, I hadn't saved since i finished the neck.  I rage quit and then forgot about.  I didn't remember it until now and decided to finish it quickly.
I can now legally get wasted haha.

Earlier today I actually forgot today was my birthday, which is sad.  My husband and I took the day off work.  I didn't really do anything interesting, my husband and I went to Starbucks and then we stayed home and baked stuff all day and ate a lot.  Then we just hung out with some friends and watched movies all day.  My parents also sent me a card with some cash (which is how I remembered it's my birthday) and I got calls from all my family.  That's all that really happened today.  Had a better time than a lot of my other birthdays.
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