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Commission: Sailor Eos(sketch) by Rachel8889

Honestly there isn't very much to criticize,the anatomy is near perfect,and is generally fabulous.Only two things I suggest be fixed.On...

Serena in Ribbon Rhasody Power Older Vrsn by artboy-2

Well this is a very great piece first of all.The perspective is amazing and the effects are stunning.My only critique is the face and t...

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I'm stubborn,weird,and down right proud of it!I love tattoos and now have two but I'm not telling where.I love to get piercing.I also love to try new hairstyles and colors.Most of my art is sketches and WIPS that rarely ever get finished.


It's Me by SenshiOfMyth
It's Me
So, this is me, actually me. This is gonna be my new deviant ID
In case anyone wants to be friends with me on other social media, my FaceBook is…
My Instagram is vinnibones
My Tumblr is…

I'm most active on FaceBook
Improvement Meme January 2016 by SenshiOfMyth
Improvement Meme January 2016
The original meme…

I cam across this old painting I did when I was first getting serious about digital art, and so I decided to see how much I've improved.
The first one was called a "practice" but it took me about 8 hours to complete, the one on the right was an actual practice, and took me one hour.
Imperial Ducchess Seraph by SenshiOfMyth
Imperial Ducchess Seraph
My second official finished art work of Sailor Seraph.
This will not be her official Princess gown.
I chose the title Ducchess because, in my storyline, the people of the Moon colonized a large portion of the universe. Seraph's planet was the first and major colony, that was both established and flourished. It has it own equivalent of the Silver Crystal, not as powerful, not as desired.

Seraph was to become the reigning queen of her planet, and her politically planned destiny was to marry one of the Moon general's. In terms of family tree, Usagi and Seraph are distant cousins, sharing a common ancestor. Queen Serenity I's grandmother. During her first lifetime, she was known to be a very devoted woman, but quite quick to change her mood. She was accepting of her position in the grand scheme, but was not happy about it. She was in love with her betrothed, but he didn't feel the same. He felt it was strictly political, and took no personal interest in her, until literally the day of their deaths.

I ended up not very happy with this painting, mainly because of the arms and background. Every time I tried to paint the hands they fucked up, and none of the backgrounds I tried were working, so I went with something plain.


Ezekiel Jones
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I have put this off, for the past 4 years and if I don't say it now, I'll chicken out later. 
I didn't create AnnaMolly with the intention to hurt anyone or lie to anyone, but I noticed the lie has come to a point that I can't handle it anymore and I can't bring myself to lie to the beautiful people I've met here. I expect many friends to leave, with a feeling of betrayal, and I am honestly prepared and understand why.

My actual name is Ezekiel Jones, I'm a 16 year old guy. Before I made this DeviantArt, I had another one. I was forced to leave for being underage (12) but I needed to post my art somewhere. I made this account. Originally, this account had me set as male, but because I was in the Sailor moon fandom, everyone assumed I was female, so I went with it. I created Annamolly, and she as a character, got out of control. The pregnancy story, the bullying, all of it was a lie. personality wise, art wise, everything else, it's me. I made up stories about AnnaMolly, mostly when I was 12 and 13. The baby is not real, the boyfriends. I was using my sister to fake my appearance.

When I turned 13, I made an actual DeviantArt for myself. I had told myself that I would just delete this account and switch to that one, but I didn't want to lose the friends. I was selfish to lie to any and all of you. Since 2016 is still early, I wanted to come clean. I hope you cna all forgive me, even though I do not deserve it and do not expect it. I will continue to post art, because I feel this was a necessary step to taking my art seriously. I want to be my most honest, 100% real self. That is the biggest reason I would take month long breaks from the website, and art. I'm done with the lie, I'm done with the stories. Before this year is over, I want to create an entirely new account, one that is me, simple and clean. Like I said, none of you deserve to be lied to in the way you've been lied to.
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